Red Cross Month is the perfect time to learn life-saving skills

By: Communications Volunteer

Imagine you’re dining outside on a sunny spring day and someone at your table starts choking on a piece of food. What would you do? Hope someone around knows the Heimlich maneuver? Maybe you’d try it yourself, but have you ever been properly trained or practiced the correct technique? Now imagine being able to go into this emergency, or any other health situation, with the confidence of knowing what to do, how to do it, and with a greater chance of saving the endangered person’s life. All it takes is one class with the Red Cross to make everyone around you that much safer.

From CPR to AED, First Aid, and more, the Red Cross has a number of classes that are easy to sign up for online. Preparing to be a first time parent or grandparent? A course that includes infant CPR/AED training might be the perfect fit! Looking to brush up on babysitting skills? Check out the childcare courses. If you’re not interested in leaving your house to learn, fear not, there are Red Cross classes that are online only

Red Cross classes don’t just deal with physical health emergencies. The organization realizes that mental health is a huge issue as well, especially when you take a year of pandemic, isolation, anxiety, and stress into account. Right now there is a class on the website called Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During COVID-19 that aims to “build resilience and support yourself and others through this crisis by reviewing basic principles of providing psychological first aid, including how to recognize and manage stress in yourself and in others and how to lend support to family members, friends and coworkers during and following the COVID-19 outbreak.” 

Having personally taken the Red Cross CPR/AED course, I can tell you that one of the biggest rewards was the feeling of empowerment. I know that in an emergency I would feel comfortable taking control, directing people to call 911, and starting the process of asking the right questions or, if the person is unconscious and not breathing, beginning well-learned chest compressions that I have practiced on a CPR dummy. The feeling of knowing that I could potentially sustain or save a life is a good one, and while I hope I’ll never have to put these skills to the test, I would gladly dive into action than feel like someone who has to stand on the sidelines and hope others jump in.

Interested in learning more? Check out available classes in your area by typing in your zip code here.

Primary image description: A design with pieces of bread arranged around the words “Stop loafin’ around. Learn first aid!”

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