Protect Your Pet with the Red Cross’s Cat and Dog First Aid Online Training

By: Maria Marabito 

Did you observe International Cat Day (August 8) this year? How about International Dog Day on August 26? As we turn the corner on this month, let’s acknowledge the special value of our animal companions, who have been at our side for centuries. Nobody knows your cat or dog like you do, so it’s important to learn how to help them when something goes wrong. The American Red Cross has a course to teach you exactly that.

When you take the Red Cross’s Cat & Dog First Aid online training course, you’ll discover how to properly check your pet’s vital signs, practice preventive care, and recognize and provide first aid for your cat or dog.

Knowing how to provide a safe, healthy life for your pet is the best way to show you care. This 35-minute online course is perfect for pet owners, pet sitters, and pet shop employees, because you never know when an emergency might arise. Whether your pet is a cuddly lap cat or a highly trained working dog, the course will prepare you to help in a time of need.  

Just like humans, cats and dogs can experience health crises like seizures, bleeding, breathing emergencies, and cardiac issues. The course covers those emergencies and more, and you’ll have the option to work through the material anytime and anywhere you want. You’ll also have continued access to the information in case you need to review it in the future. 

The training was developed by a Red Cross team of scientific and medical experts, so you know you’re getting reliable information. Reviews from past students have been overwhelmingly positive. PawsitiveZen gave the course five stars: “As a walker, I wanted to have some basic first aid understanding. This course provided me with exactly what I was looking for, and I now have more confidence to care for other furry family members. I encourage anyone who lives or works with pets to take this course.” 

Tbou also gave the course a five-star rating: “It was much easier than a whole day of in-person learning. It’s self-paced and easy to understand, and it will help me be a better volunteer.” 

A $25 course fee and a 35-minute investment of time—from the comfort of your home—is a small price for ensuring the safety of your furry family member. The pet-saving skills you’ll acquire will be invaluable. For info on the go, consider downloading the Red Cross’s award-winning Pet Safety app as well. That way you can access safety tips directly from your phone. 

The Red Cross values the well-being of your four-legged best friends, and this training tool can make you a better pet owner. When your cat or dog is in trouble, it’s hard to know what to do. This course and safety app will arm you with the skills and knowledge to handle a pet health emergency. 

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