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Judge Renne Cartwell HughesI am many things. I am a lawyer. I am a retired judge. I am CEO of the American Red Cross Eastern Pennsylvania Region. None of these roles explain my most important role. I am a Mom. More specifically, I am a Military Mom! My son and his wife are both officers in the United States Army.

As a Military Mom my heart bursts with pride as I marvel at the amazing young men and women who have stepped up to serve our country. Their dedication to America is even more extraordinary when you realize that less than one percent of Americans serve in the United States military. These young men and women are truly not only our best and our brightest, but also our bravest.

Military families need our support. A tremendous burden is placed on families when a loved one steps up to serve and protect America. The stress placed on a family when a soldier, airman, sailor or marine deploys, often to very dangerous places, and the emotional challenge of reintegrating that service member back into the family upon their return, is significant. Military kids are both proud and sad and as a result face unique challenges. Their families, our families, need our help.

The Red Cross can help. The American Red Cross works with the service member and their families from enlistment to retirement and beyond.

This Mother’s Day, in addition to thanking a mom for her love and support, take a moment to reach out to a Military Mom. Say thank you! Because when a family member serves, we all serve. In addition to saying thank you, share the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces website,

We can help and we always will help. The Red Cross was born on the battlefield and it is our greatest honor to continue to serve America’s military.

From one Military Mom to all Military Moms: Happy Mother’s Day!

Judge Renée Cardwell Hughes (Ret.)
Chief Executive Officer
American Red Cross Eastern Pennsylvania Region